Ellie Kloppenborg HAS MOVED TO STUDDEDFLORAL Unfollow from here please and re-follow there if you want x

I do follow backs here. But make sure you go follow my actual account or..

Don’t bother following this account, getting me to follow you back, then unfollowing, because i will unfollow you back too. Saves time if you just go home.

Message from ellieclock (now studdedfloral)

Just letting you guys know. Because i’m still getting numerous amounts of followers on this account but then they don’t go and follow my actual account. This account will not be used at all. It’s saving a url because what seems obvious to me that people are still following this account thinking i’m going to post like usual but no. Is it not clear that i’ve moved to studdedfloral? It’s on my title, description and now 2 posts, my only 2 posts. If you want to follow this account then by all means you go ahead and do that if you think i have a good blog but why not just follow the actual blog? I think people are using me for a follow back, do you think i should stop doing followbacks? Thanks, from ellieclock.

I will follow back everyone that followed me on this account. But unfollow because this isn’t going to be used ever. It’s now studdedfloral.tumblr.com